Hangover Help!


Memorial Day is upon us.  If you’re like me, Memorial Day marks the kickoff to a summer filled of BBQ’s, bonfires, and parties.  I live on the eastern end of Long Island.  I love where I live, we have amazing beaches, and really fun waterfront bars.  Starting this weekend people from NYC will begin their weekly voyage to the Hamptons.  I’m lucky enough to live here year round.

This Memorial Day  weekend, I am starting Saturday off at the beach.  After that I am having a small BBQ before my friends and I head to the Drift Inn.  The Drift is by far my favorite bar.  It’s right on the beach, and plays the best music.  The next morning Derek and I will probably head out on the boat and take it to the beach.  That night there will be a bonfire with more drinks.   Monday will my day of relaxing.  I’m gonna need it!

With all that fun sometimes a girl can have a few too many drinks.  One drink was good, two was better, three was great, four was…..five…. and before you know it you wake up with a rocking headache and you feel like you could throw up.  Yup, you’re hung over.  What is worse then being hung over? Being hung over on a beautiful summer day when you should be heading to the beach.

To help prevent this I have created a few at home remedies that always help.  Trust me, I have tried each of them plenty of times and they always do the trick.

  • The first trick is prevention.  Start your night with a nutritious dinner.  I like to load up on veggies and whole grains.  This makes my body happy and healthy.  I also drink plenty of water before I hit the bar.
  • Once at the bar, skip dark liquors, and sugary drinks.  These can give you a serious hangover.  I like to sip vodka with soda water and lime.  Also, make sure you get a glass or two of water halfway through your night.  Once I get home I like to drink another glass of water.
  • Before bed I drink half a bottle of coconut water (the small bottle, 12 oz I think).  In the morning I have the other half.  Coconut water is chock full of potassium.  All that potassium will help rid the dehydration.
  • Another trick is that always helps the next morning is hot lemon water.  The lemon is alkalizing and helps counter act the acidity in your stomach from all the vodka.  The acid is what’s making you feel nauseas.
  • Umeboshi plums do the same thing.  They are very alkalizing and will cure even the worst hangover.  The Kind Diet recommends cutting a small piece off the plum up into little pieces and place it in a cup of hot tea.  I usually use green tea.  Let it steep a few minutes and drink.  It doesn’t taste that great, but it works like magic.
  • Once the nausea is gone, get some food in you.  Being from NY, bagels tend to be the most popular Sunday morning breakfast.  I like to have an everything bagel with lettuce and tomato.  By this point I always feel 99% better.  After a catnap on the beach, I will be at 100%.

I hope these tricks will get you out of bed early and feeling great.  The summer is too beautiful to spend it stuck inside.  And of course, it’s best to not over drink.  But if you do, at least you know what to do.  Happy Memorial Day!

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