A Vegan goes to Cape Cod


Last week I was lucky enough to enjoy a short vacation.  Sadly I broke my good camera a few days before I left, but I was able to bring my backup camera (until that broke too..booo..)


Derek treated me to a trip to Cape Cod as a graduation gift.  We usually give trips instead of material gifts for birthdays and holidays.  People are always wondering how we are able to go on so many trips considering our tight budget.  The truth?  I’m painfully cheap frugal.

I guess that what comes from being a student for most of my life.  I am used to living on a tight budget.  I also take my time researching trips.  I use sites such as Kayak to find the best deals.  Derek and I went to the Cape during the off season and during the week.  This meant we got an amazing deal on a waterfront hotel.  I love to travel and I’m not going to stop exploring just because I’m broke!

While in the Cape we ate…a lot…. One of the best meals we had was at a very vegan friendly restaurant called Tiny’s.  Half the menu was vegan, the other half not.  It was the perfect match for Derek and I.   I was able to enjoy a yummy chickpea asparagus soup, followed by a fun dish called the Rawdaddy.  It consisted of brown rice, quinoa, shaved raw carrots and beats, kale, tofu, almonds, with a creamy tahini miso dressing.  It was amazing; exactly what I needed to counteract the 4 martinis I had the night before.  Derek had a pasta dish with shrimp.


If you are ever in the Provincetown area, make sure you hit up Tiny’s.  It was a great meal, served on a cozy rooftop deck, overlooking the hustling Commercial Street.  They focus on serving farm fresh, local ingredients.    Check out their site here.

For lunch one day we brought food to the beach.  I stopped off at Bradford Natural Market on the way down to Herring Cove Beach.  I read online that they sell delicious vegan takeout.  And boy do they!  I got a cold sesame salad with fried tofu.  Really Really Good!


food tastes better at the beach

After we left the Cape, we drove to Connecticut for my friend and college roomie, Jamie’s bridal shower.  It was really nice to share the day with her, and spend time with my other roommate, Whitney.  I love that even 3 years after graduating UConn, we still stay in touch.

The shower was really nice.  The restaurant was eager to make me a vegan dish, which consisted of a pasta with fresh vegetables.  I loved it.  The day went off without a hitch.

After the shower we headed home and went straight to bed.  We were beyond tired!  Now I get to look forward to the bachelorette party next month.  Yippy!

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